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Mt. Holly city council approves “Crosswalks Creations” project

The City of Mount Holly is emerging as a place where art and creative places are becoming distinctive components of the community’s character. The 2019 Strategic Vision Plan Update, adopted in January 2019, set various initiatives centered around arts and place-making. Some major themes of the Plan involve exploring opportunities for creative spaces, continuing partnerships with local artists, creating a public art commission and drafting public art and mural guidelines.  

Recently, the City Council and associated art initiatives have expressed interest in incorporating art into crosswalks to celebrate unique aspects of the City and strengthen community bonds. In response, the City created a manual to guide neighbors, who want to come together to install a “Crosswalk Creations” project within the City maintained right-of-way, which includes designing and painting a crosswalk, sidewalk, neighborhood entrance, or another area within the City right-of-way.  

 The manual explains the process and requirements and provides all of the necessary forms. It is important to keep in mind that all Crosswalk Creations projects in the public right-of-way become City property. The City has the right to modify, replace, remove, and/or restore any project elements located within City right-of-way. The maintenance and repair of Crosswalk Creations projects is the responsibility of the applicant, per the completed Temporary Infrastructure Agreement between the applicant and the City. The rest of the manual explains this in more detail. Full details, along with the application, can be found at​

 Eligible applicants include neighborhood associations, community organizations, business associations, local schools, non-profits or individuals sponsored by those listed previously. Project ideas should fall within one of the five categories:  Crosswalk Murals; Sidewalk Murals; Intersection Murals; Midblock Murals; “Live Ends”- These are projects that use cul-de-sacs or dead-end streets as a canvas for Crosswalk Creations installations. 

 Before beginning the application process, eligible applicants are asked to contact City staff. Questions regarding the Crosswalk Creations Project should be directed to [email protected]​.