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South Point Volunteer Fire Dept. takes delivery of new truck

Oct 24, 2019 11:13AM

South Point Volunteer Fire Dept. chief Barry Joye (right) receives the new truck's keys from delivery driver Ray Riddle. Photo contributed

by Alan Hodge

[email protected]

The South Point VFD has taken delivery of a new and much needed truck.

The vehicle is a 2019 Ford F250 that is called  a “QRV”, that is Quick Response Vehicle. It was purchased from Asheville Ford for $50,000 and built by Global Public Safety based in Roebuck, S.C.  The keys to the truck were handed over to the South Point Fire Dept. on Oct. 11.

The truck replaces one that was damaged in an accident. Insurance paid the bill.

“The new truck will be used to assist in medical emergencies and to transport personnel,” said fire chief Barry Joye. “We are real happy to get it.”

Equipment that will
be kept on the truck includes medic bags, oxygen kit, back-boards, self contained breathing apparatus, fire extinguisher, and defibrillator. It has room for five folks including driver.

“The configuration is more suited to being a service type  vehicle,” said South Point Fire Dept. board president Roy Smith.

There are still a few pieces of equipment that need to be delivered before the truck can hit the road, but they will be coming soon.

“We hope to be ready in thirty days,” Joye said.

The South Point VFD station is located just south of Duke Energy's Allen Steam Station on South Point Rd. and serves the South Point Fire District. It responds to around 150 calls a year and also assists other area fire departments if need be.