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Red Raiders mix it up more roll past East Rutherford 42-14

Oct 24, 2019 01:25PM

Here come the Red Raiders – Photos by Calvin Craig/Superraiders

By John Wilson

[email protected]

The year 2019 has been a wild ride for the South Point football team.

This year the Red Raiders have experienced incredible highs and some real tough lows. But through it all, Big Red keep pushing.

On Friday night the Red Raiders had what can only be described as a good game in a 42-14 victory over the 0-8 East Rutherford Cavaliers in a Southwestern 2A Conference matchup.

"I was just proud of how we played together," head coach Adam Hodge said. "We played hard and you can see it."

All year the Red Raiders have been tweaking their heralded Redbone offense looking for the right combination of players to make it run smoothly.

Due to injuries and a search for better production, South Point has put different players in at quarterback.

Normally a combination of different quarterbacks would upset team balance. However, at South Point, it seems to be working quite well.

Depending on the situation and the circumstance coach Hodge had, up to the East Rutherford game, put in Javus Davis, Ray Rose, and Devon King into the lineup.

Against the Cavaliers, another quarterback, Will Rhinehart, was added to the mix.

With Ray Rose and Javus Davis on the sidelines with injuries, Rhinehart shared snaps with Devon King and the pair straight up got the job done.

"We have to tip our hat to Will Rhinehart," coach Hodge said. "He stepped in and played quarterback. He ran the option well."

Rhinehart finishing the game which seven carries for 66 yards and a touchdown. 

During his time at quarterback, Devon King delivered a spectacular performance.

King finished up with 13 carries that went for 145 yards and four scores.

"Devon played quarterback too and had four touchdowns," coach Hodge said. "He's just an explosive kid."

South Point ended the game with 274 yards of total offense. 

With Rhinehart being added to the growing stable of quarterbacks, South Point will have even more chances to shake things up.

If Davis and Rose can get healthy that will give South Point four players capable of playing quarterback at any given time. Each with a different skill set.

That combination gives the coaching staff incredible flexibility. 

Opposing teams will never know who they will face. Add to the fact that no matter who South Point puts under center, the other players who had played QB will be on the field as well in other positions ranging from wide receiver to wingback. 

Heck, for one play Rhinehart may hand the ball off to King. On the next play, Rose may give the ball to Rhinehart. 

The possibilities are endless.

So who will go in when? Well, that depends.

"I think they all have different things they are good at," coach Hodge explained. "So it depends on the game and different variables."

This week the 4-4 Red Raiders will travel to Rutherfordton for another conference game against the 5-3 R-S Central Hilltoppers. 

The Hilltoppers and Red Raiders are both 2-1 in conference play.