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Municipal election saw several new faces win

Nov 14, 2019 02:37PM

By Alan Hodge

[email protected]

Last week’s municipal elections saw some close outcomes and several new candidates emerge victorious.

Overall, countywide voter turnout was 18.85%, which was 16,789 votes cast out of 89,046 registered voters.

“The turnout was steady,” said Belmont poll worker Ginger Feimster. “I was very impressed.”

In the City of Belmont council race, where three seats were up for grabs, newcomer Jim Hefferan came out on top with 1,018 votes or 22.37%. Another newcomer, Marc Seelinger, came in second with 973 votes or 21.38%. Incumbent Martha Stowe retained her seat with 867 votes or 19.05%. Other Belmont races saw Ron Foulk come in fourth with 848 votes or 18.64%, Claudina Ghianni-Toole fifth with 806 votes or 17.71%. There were 38 write-in votes.

In the Cramerton town commissioner contest, newcomer Richard Atkinson prevailed with 331 votes or 35.29%. He was followed by incumbents Susan Neeley with 303 votes or 32.30% and Donald Rice with 289 votes or 30.81%. There were 15 write-in votes.

The Mt. Holly city council race had three seats available and  Phyllis Harris emerge atop with 671 votes or 20.79%. Harris had previously served on the council from 1991 to 2007. The other two Mt. Holly council seats saw incumbent Jeff Meadows stay on board with 569 votes or 17.63% and newcomer Christina Pawlish get the last seat with 510 votes or 15.80%. Current council members Carolyn Breyare and Perry Toomey came up short followed by Kenneth Reeves, Jimmy Black, and Dennis Dotson II. A total of 33 write-ins were tallied in the council race. 

Mt. Holly mayor Bryan Hough ran unopposed and garnered 776 votes or 78.62% but  there were 289 mayoral write-in votes amounting to 27.41%.

In McAdenville, incumbent mayor Jim Robinette kept his seat with 123 votes or 88.49%. Former mayor Farrell Buchanan got 15 votes or 10.79%. There was one write-in vote. McAdenville had two council seats available. In that tight race, Joe Rankin got 111 votes or 50.68% and Reid Washam got 107 votes or 48.86%. There was one write-in.

In Stanley, mayor Steven Denton ran unopposed and took 296 votes or 89.43%. There were 35 write-ins. The Stanley Ward 01 race was taken by Lloyd Pate with 298 votes with 10 write-ins. The Ward 03 seat that was available was taken by Jimmy Ingold with 201 votes and 51.80%, follwed by Rob McMinn with 186 votes and 47.94%. There was one write-in. Stanley Ward 04 was won by Victoria Kiser who had 291 votes.