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Community Public Charter School in Stanley is growing by leaps and bounds

Jan 16, 2020 10:10AM

These Community Public Charter School students say they enjoy attending class in their new building. Photo by Alan Hodge

By Alan Hodge

[email protected]

“There’s never a dull moment.”

That’s how Community Public Charter School founder and board member Eddie McGinnis  characterizes the scene at the Stanley educational edifice that’s in its first year of operation.

Former East Gaston High principal McGinnis hatched the idea of a charter school in 2016, when he was pastor at Community Pentecostal Center on Ralph Handsel Blvd. After jumping through the hoops required by the state to establish a charter school, Community Charter opened its doors in late summer, 2019, with around 240 students in grades K-5.

A tour of the school campus reveals two new and shiny  pre-fab buildings with 12 classrooms, a gym, office space, and a nice playground area. The tab for site work and the buildings came to $1.7 million. The money came from the state, fundraisers, and private donations. The school does not charge tuition fees.

McGinnis says the school is negotiating with the Town of Stanley for a piece of property next door where the old water treatment plant is located.

The school will probably need the property and a building. 

“We hope to add a sixth grade class next year and about 100 students,” said McGinnis. 

Staff and students at Community Public Charter are happy as larks.

Third grade teacher Autumn Stovart had this to say about the scene.

“I love it so much,” she said. “The staff is very close. We have good professional development, parents tell me their kids talk about school when they come home.”

The students chipped in their remarks- “I love it!” said third grader Ivy Singleton. Classmate Piper Moore said “No homework!” Maecyn Waugh said this “I love learning math here!”

If a student needs transportation to and from school, Community Public Charter has two buses that run routes to Iron Station, Mt. Holly, Belmont, and Dallas. 

What explains the success that Community Public Charter is seeing?

“We have hired good staff, we have a great school board, and we make sure we get the teachers what they need,” said McGinnis. “It has taken a lot of time, effort, and manpower, but the results are proving to be everything we hoped for.”

In addition, the school’s credo includes the following words- “We emphasize the importance of character, kindness, and community”.

To learn more about Community Public Charter School, including how to put you name in the hat for the 2020 selection process, visit