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Lady Raiders beat Chase 47-30

Jan 23, 2020 01:32PM

By John Wilson

[email protected]

Over the holiday break, the South Point girl’s basketball team win went in a different direction when Coach Scott Tudor was replaced by boy’s JV basketball coach Will Lomax. 

The last few years have been tough for South Point. The girl’s squad has not had a winning record since the 2013-2014 season.

While it’s still too soon to see how the coaching change will impact the program the early results seem very positive.

Under Lomax, South Point notched their first conference win of the year with a 47-30 victory over the Chase Lady Trojans.

The game started pretty even with the score tied up 8-8 at the end of the first period.

In the second period, things remained close but the Lady Trojans were able to get out to a 20-19 lead at the half. 

In the third period, South Point got it together scoring 15 points to Chase’s four points. That scoring blast put the Lady Raiders up 35-24.

South Point’s strong third-period performance gave the Lady Raiders some room to work with. In the fourth, South Point was able to maintain their lead and go on to much-needed victory.

South Point’s stop scorers were Ashton Queen and Abby “Pickle” Morgan.

Queen finished the game with 26 points while Morgan finished up with eight points and six rebounds.

South Point is now 2-12 overall and 1-4 in Southwestern 2A Conference play. 

In the big scheme of things, South Point’s win over Chase will not shake things up in the conference. However, this is big for South Point. 

Since coming back from the holiday break the Lady Raiders seem to be playing better.

While Lomax has only been with the girl’s team for a few short weeks it appears that he is already trying to make a positive impact.

“I want to change the attitude,” Lomax explained. “I wanted them to change their mindset from a losing mindset to a winning mindset.”

In sports, if you lose long enough you begin to think that’s all you can do.

Lomax hopes to break that cycle. He knows there’s a hard road ahead, but he wants the team to believe in themselves again.

So how are the girls responding?

“They love it,” Lomax added. “It’s been a great change.”

While things seem to be looking up there will be some bumps as the team continues to move forward and adjust to their new coach.

Anyone who watches high school basketball knows that while the X’s and O’s are the same, girls and boys basketball games are very different.

While both games are great to watch they also have their own distinctive tempo, flair, and nuance.

Adjusting to the differences may be tough for some but Coach Lomax seems unfazed.  

He admits that he’s never coached a girl’s program before but he likes what he has seen and he wants to be a part of making things better for the program.

“It’s been fun,” Lomax went on to say. “I love it. It’s really no different than the boys. I just need to adjust to a different style of game.”

While things may be looking up in Belmont, the upcoming schedule will not be friendly for the Lady Raiders. This week South Point plays undefeated Shelby and an 8-7 Burns program.