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South Point rally falls short in 72-63 loss

Feb 20, 2020 12:26PM

by John Wilson

[email protected]

In basketball, like any other sport sometimes you just have to learn the hard way. 

It goes without saying that if you want to win you need to play strong for most of the game. But if you want to beat a really good team you need to play strong for the entire game. 

This was a lesson that was hammered home for South Point on Friday night as the Red Raiders basketball team lost to Shelby in the regular-season finale 72-63.

In their second matchup of the year against the Shelby Golden Lions, the Red Raiders played well, but they just didn’t play strong for all four periods and Shelby took advantage of that.

The game definitely started rough as South Point stood by and let Shelby control the tempo and pace of the game. At one point early in the second, the Golden Lions were up 20-10.

Things were not looking good but the Red Raiders were looking for a fight and were not about to quit. 

Just as it was looking like Shelby was going to run away with the game, South Point regrouped and got back into it.

“Once we started playing we played pretty well,” South Point head coach Kody Kubbs said. “It just took us too long to get in the game.”

Despite the poor start the Red Raiders only trailed Shelby 28-22 at the half.

As the second half action unfolded the on-court action seemed to have a familiar feel to it.

In what must have felt like a bit of deja vu, Shelby once again came out strong and dominated the game. 

Then almost on cue, the Red Raiders rallied to keep the game close.

“We did the same thing in the second half,” coach Kubbs said.

Throughout the game, Shelby and South Point would go back and forth.

The action took on a predictable tone. Shelby would push ahead only to see South Point battle back to get within striking range Then after all that effort, the Red Raiders would let the Golden Lions go on another run. This back and forth would play out throughout the game.

“They are a pretty good team,” coach Kubbs said of Shelby. “Every run we went on they answered.”

In the fourth period the Red Raiders went on another run outscoring Shelby 25-18, but in the end, they just came up short.

South Point’s top shooter was Logan Threatt with 23 points followed by Cam Dyer who dumped in 17 and Ayden Baker who had 12.

While the results may have been frustrating, if you take everything in perspective then the news wasn’t all bad.

Yes, the Red Raiders lost, but earlier in the season Shelby really slammed South Point 81-65.

In this game, the Red Raiders showed that they were capable of going toe-to-toe with Shelby.

Now South Point just needs to figure out how to build on what they learned and battle to be consistent for all four quarters.

With the regular season over, the Red Raiders now need to focus on the postseason. 

South Point finished the regular season 14-8 overall and 8-4 in the Southwestern 2A. 

This week the Red Raiders will be playing in the conference tournament. After that, they will be gearing up for the playoffs.

South Point is going to push to win the tournament to get an automatic playoff spot, but the Red Raider’s best shot at a playoff spot will be their overall record.

The Red Raiders finished with a respectable record but it’s unlikely that they will get a high seed when the brackets are released. Without a high spot, it’s likely that South Point will need to change the oil on the bus and get ready for a road trip.

“We should be in,” coach Kubbs said of a possible playoff spot. “We should get an at-large seed. But we will have to go on the road.”