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Primary election turnout was moderate

Mar 12, 2020 11:21AM

Renee Sensing Ieft) and Pam Morgenstern braved the rain at the Cramerton polling place to campaign for their favorite candidates during last week’s primary election.

By Alan Hodge

[email protected]

Last Tuesday’s primary election day in Gaston County was a soggy one but still about one in four registered voters made it to the polls.

The total number of ballots cast was 34,398 out of 14,232 eligible voters- 24.53%.

In the presidential primary’s Democratic Party contest, Joe Biden won with 7,874 votes- 47.04%. He was followed by Bernie Sanders with 3,992 votes-23.85%. Other top Democratic scorers were Michael Bloomberg

who got 2,146 votes, Elizabeth Warren with 1,190 votes, and Pete Buttigieg with 476 votes. 

In the Republican Party presidential primary, Donald Trump took in 16,486 votes-95.26%. 

The U.S. Senate primary contest on the Democratic side saw Cal Cunningham come out on top with 9,380 votes-58/74%. He was followed by Erica Smith with 5,247 votes- 32.86%. The Republican Party U.S. Senate primary had Thom Tillis on top  with 13,736 votes-81.6%. Runner up was Sharon Hudson with 1,116 votes-6.59%.

The U.S. House of Representative District 05 primary saw David Brown at the top with 10,317 votes-71.0%. Runner up was Eric Hughes with 4,193 votes-28.9%.

The NC Governor primary race witnessed incumbent Roy Cooper  as the lead Democrat with 13,435 votes-82.53%. Ernest Reeves got 2,844 votes-17.47%. On the Republican side of things, Dan Forest ran and came up with 15,367 votes. He was followed by Holly Grange with  1,655  votes-9.72%.

The NC Lt. Governor race saw Democrat Yvonne Holley win her party with 4,888 votes-34.03%. Runner up was Bill Toole with 2,947 votes-20.52%. On the Republican Lt. Governor primary side of things, Mark Robinson won with 5,106 votes-32.06%. He was followed by Andy Wells with 2,503 votes-15.72%.

The NC Attorney General contest witnessed Republican Jim O’Neill get 4,504 votes-40.95% followed by Christine Mumma with 31.78%.

The primary for NC Auditor had Democrat Beth Wood lead her party with 11,188 votes-78.37% followed by Luis Toledo with 3,088 votes-21.63%. On the Republican side, Anthony Street won with 8,805 votes-59.85%, trailed by Tim Hoegemeyer with 5,882 votes-40.05%.

Moving on, the NC Commissioner of Agriculture primary race witnessed Democrat Jenna Wadsworth victorious with7,146 votes trailed by Walter Smith with 4,519  votes-31.93%.

The NC Commissioner of Insurance primary had Republican Mike Causey on top with 8,438 votes-57.43% compared to runner up Ronald Pierce with 6,225 votes-42.57.

The other NC State office primary results in Gaston County, Republican Pearl Burris Floyd won NC Commissioner of Labor with 6,406 votes-40.93%, Republican Chad Brown  led the NC Secretary of State race with 10,486 votes-66.06%,  Constance Johnson took the NC Superintendent of Public Instruction Democratic contest with 3,973 votes-28.12%, Catherine Truitt was leader on the Republican side for that same office with 8,861 votes-58.67%, and Democrat Dimple Ajmera led the NC Treasurer race with 6,082 votes-54.55%.

The Gaston County Board of Commissioners primary race for Crowders Mtn. Township saw Republican  Bob Hovis win with 8,472 votes-54.55%. Ira Roberts trailed with7,059 votes-45.45%. 

The Gaston County Board of  Commissioners Gastonia Township contest for Democrats witnessed Robin Fletcher win with 7,674 votes-53.02% over Ray Raynor with 6,799 votes-46.98%. The Gastonia Township Republican race witnessed Kim Johnson on top with 5,783 votes-35.83% over Don Grant with 5,438 votes-33.69% and Jack Brown with 4,920 votes-30.48%.

For complete primary election results visit the Gaston County Board of Elections website.