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East Belmont resident sending a message with chalk

Artist and musician Anna Hunsucker with the message she created on her fence with chalk.

By Alan Hodge

[email protected]

Folks drawing colorful designs with chalk on sidewalks in Belmont has become a popular activity, but Anna Hunsucker at 405 Church St. in East Belmont has taken the concept to a whole new level.

Hunsucker, whose creativity also includes teaching violin and viola at Trinity Episcopal Church in Charlotte, had some time on her hands, a new privacy fence, and a supply of chalk sticks so she went to work making a message that’s timeless.

The message that Hunsucker crafted is the simple yet profound word PEACE spelled out in highly hued, slightly psychedelic letters on a stretch of fence over twenty feet long.

“I had an old peace sign on the porch but someone stole it,” Hunsucker said. “So I decided to put the word on the fence.”

Hunsucker put a lot of work into the project.

“I worked eight hours one day and about three the next,” she said.

The weather was nice while Hunsucker worked, but not long after the project was done, rain was in the forecast.

“I decided to put clear fence preservative over the chalk to preserve it,” she said.

The plan worked. A strong storm came the very night after the clear was applied and the chalk wasn’t fazed.

The PEACE fence has made a big splash on Church St. and brought the community closer together not only with its beauty, but wording as well.

“I got married last summer and moved to Belmont,” Hunsucker said. “At least fifty people have stopped by to see the fence and talk. It’s been a great way to meet people in the neighborhood.”