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Belmont Public Works building renovation on track

Belmont Public Works director Davis Isenhour along with administrative assistant Samantha Thornburg (left) and KBB executive director Beryl Campbell admire the sweeping view from the top floor of the new Public Works building. Photo by Alan Hodge

By Alan Hodge

[email protected]

The major remodeling project on the City of Belmont Public Works building at 1401 Catawba St. is nearly complete.

The 1980s era building, which has formerly occupied by Woodlawn Mills and Beltex Corp.  has been used by Belmont as its public works headquarters for the past several years and a major remodeling project has transformed it from a huge concrete cavern into a modern, state of the art, efficient, spacious, and comfortable complex for the city’s business and its administrative staff.

The building has a lot of space including 55K sq. ft. that will retain its use as a warehouse for city equipment, supplies, and vehicles, as well  as a 21K sq. ft., three level portion that will serve as the administrative office complex side of things.

According to Public Works director David Isenhour, things left to do on the building includes finishing up the sheetrock, accent painting, laying carpet and tile, and some wiring.

 “Everything is on schedule and the work should be done late June, early July.” Isenhour said. “We hope to have the project finished and everyone in their new offices by late August.” 

The project included building an elevator tower that will run on the outside of the front of the building. The tower will feature  a large City of Belmont logo.

“The elevator was a challenge,” said Isenhour.

The same end of the building that the elevator is on will also have a huge, three story glass wall.

The upper two levels of the building will be the new home of the city’s administrative departments such as city clerk, city manager, planning and zoning, billing, and customer service. The offices will get new furniture and equipment. There will be a nice lunch room for employees as well as a kitchen and lockers. 

Windows have been cut in the side of the building facing Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park and the Catawba River, affording employees a sweeping and spectacular view of the water. 

The lower level will be home to the Parks and Rec. Department. The lower level will be a also be a temporary  location for city council meetings. There will be room for about 300 seats unlike the current situation where council meetings at city hall are generally standing room only.

“The city council will hold its meetings in the new