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New office building coming to Belmont

Lat Purser & Associates, Inc. plans the development of an office building in Belmont. Located at the inside corner of Main and Myrtle Streets in downtown Belmont, the three story office will contain approximately 21,750 square feet of space. Each floor will have approximately 7,250 square feet of space for future tenants. Parking for 72 vehicles will be available for the occupants during regular business hours.

“While considering this site for development, we noted the lack of Class A office space in Gaston County as an opportunity. We see Downtown Belmont as the perfect location for professional services which requires Class A space.” said Lat H. Purser, president and owner of the firm. He further stated, “The City of Belmont has done an excellent job energizing its downtown area, attracting local businesses, investing in its parks, promoting walkable amenities and preserving its sense of community. Our goal is to enhance that effort with this project while bringing the essence of Belmont to office users.”

“We are excited about the Belmont office project, which as yet unnamed, that is being developed in Downtown Belmont. This development will create potential job opportunities for our residents and the additional office jobs in downtown Belmont will also generate revenue for our local businesses” said Mayor Charlie Martin.

Gaston County Board of Commissioner Chairman Tracy Philbeck said the project is a testament to the diversity of industry the county is seeking to attract. “This office project shows we are interested in bringing all types of different businesses – large and small – to Gaston County. It is part of our commitment not only to make Gaston County a great place to live, but a place where industries across the spectrum of business can find a good home.” Mr. Robert Browne, Chairman of the Gaston County Economic Development Commission, stated, “As Chairman of the Gaston County Economic Development Commission, I want to extend our sincere thanks to Lat Purser and Associates, Inc. for their efforts to invest in an office product that is needed in the County. I would like to extend my appreciation to the County EDC’s program supporting Lat Purser & Associates, Inc. with the development of this office building. This project will greatly assist our efforts to expand our office space offerings and maintain a great business environment.”