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Cato residents enjoy ice cream party

Cheryl Jenkins and her grandson, Carter Jenkins. Ms. Jenkins has been a homeowner at Cato since 2008. Photos by Tammey Cato

By Tammey Cato

The hot temperature is proof that summer has arrived and it offers little incentive to go outdoors. So, how did Cato entice residents to leave the comfort of their cool air conditioner? By bringing in an ice cream truck to give out free ice cream and snow cones.

Cato offers several community events throughout the year for the homeowners and their families. The ice cream truck event is one that appeals to all ages and allows the opportunity for some socializing while getting a cool treat, of their choice, for free.  Many of the residents braved the heat this year while waiting for the truck to get to them, while others stayed inside their cool home and listened for the iconic music to let them know it is close enough to come out. For the homeowners that are unable to leave their home, we make sure that a treat is taken to them.

Although I was not able to ride on the truck this year, I still enjoyed walking through the community and seeing all the smiles. Thank you to all of the homeowners, and their families, who shared part of their Saturday with me. I am looking forward to the next event.