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South Point High School
announces Spring Sports NCHSAA individual Scholar Athletes

By Charlotte Sautner

South Point High School’s athletes are not only excellent on the field they are excellent off the field in the classroom.  They are true scholar athletes.  Usually the North Carolina High School Athletic Association Scholar Athlete program recognizes varsity teams and individual athletes for their excellence in the classroom. However, due to the fact that the spring sports season was canceled only individual Scholar Athletes will be announced.   To be an individual Scholar Athlete, the athlete must have a 3.5 weighted GPA for the designated semester.  South Point had 123 individual NCHSAA Scholar Athletes.

Scholar Athletes are:

Sullivan Absher, Davis Adcock, Nicole Allen, Ayden Austin, Ronald Baker, Nicholas Barker, Claudia Baucom, Elijah Baucom, Jake Beaty, Jake Bidodglio, Jackson Blee, Cooper Bostwick, Brenden Bradshaw, Sariana Braggs, Nathan Brown, Ashleigh Burns, Susie Butler, Catherine Carr, Addison Carson, Jordan Coffey, Gable Crutchfield, Zachary Cunningham, Matthew Dalton, Payton Decker, Kayla Diew, Lauren Downey, Jon Dunbar, Caitlyn Federation, Jenna Feduniec, Sydney Foley, Hailey Franks, Quinton Futrell, Nicholas Gange, Edwin Gore, Miles Griffin, Noah Hargett, Samuel Harris, William Harris, Noah Helms, William Hendricks, Alexis Henson, Charlie Hill, Julia Ho, Reagan Hollifield, Olivia Huffman, Kaela Hughes, Jacob Humphrey, Cole Hunsucker, Kaden Ivey, James Johnson, Jake Jurchak, William Jurchak, Anna Kauer, Abbygale King, Colten Knight, Jared Lareau, Courtney Leach, Syndey Lester, Emelia Lewandowski, Addison Lomick, Abigail Long, Alexander Long, Madison Lund, Alayna Mack, Abigail Martin, Kendall Martin, Wesley Matthews, Emma McGinnis, Hatsue McQuay, Kayla Medford, Roger Medlock, Brian Mellette, Jackson Milford, Olivia Milford, Alex Millspaw, Joshua Millspaw, Macy Monteith, Abigail Morgan, Jose Mota Contreras, Lawrence Natale, David Nicks, Dylan Nicks, Emmanuel Paddyfote, Makenna Pallozzi, Andrew Pate, Dharmin Patel, Jacob Patterson, Abby Pearson, Samanthan Pressley, Ryan Proud, Asheton Queen, Rachel Racz, Riley Racz, Justin Ray, William Rhinehart, Haylee Riggins, Sonsoles Risco Martinez, Jackson Risk, Laecia Ryan, Lauren Sawyer, Ethan Simmons, Mary Smallwood, Anna Smith, Carson Smith, Georgia Smith, Justin Smith, Henry Southard, Ethan Thagard, Hannah Thagard, Justin Tolbert, Danielle Tracy, Michelle Tracy, Wyatt Triplett, Brooke Villemagne, Jordan Villemagne, Mary Walker, Samuel Walker, Emma Wanner, John Warren, Alexandria Wilder, Madison Willis, Marshall Witherell, and Grant Woliver.

Conference Carolina Sports Returning After Sept. 18

The Conference Carolinas Board of Directors unanimously approved a plan to proceed with intercollegiate competition in conference-sponsored sports in the upcoming fall semester. Intercollegiate competition may begin no earlier than Sept. 18, 2020.
Belmont Abbey College is a Conference Carolinas member.
The decision was made in the best interest of Conference Carolinas student-athletes, coaches and administrators. Conference Carolinas member institutions may begin practicing in their championship/non-championship segments on Sept. 1 or when mandated by NCAA policy, whichever is later.
“During this pandemic, we are working to keep the health and safety of our student-athletes, coaches and staff as our top priority,” Commissioner Chris Colvin said. “Our goal in Conference Carolinas is always to help our member institutions use intercollegiate athletics to achieve their overall mission. This decision by our Board of Directors, after careful consultation with our Directors of Athletics and local health officials, gives our member institutions time to focus on the resocialization process on each campus during the first few weeks of the semester and then move toward intercollegiate competition. We will continue to work on fine-tuning the safety protocols that will be implemented by all of our institutions.”
Conference Carolinas originally announced in May of 2020 that it would emphasize conference contests in the 2020-21 academic year and that it did not have any plans to reduce league contests in 2020-21. That plan is still in place.
Conference Carolinas institutions are continuing to work daily to create updated policies and procedures surrounding campus life, including intercollegiate athletics, that will allow students and student-athletes to return to campus as safe as possible. The conference is also continuing to work to create safety protocols and precautions around intercollegiate athletics participation.
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Abbey Alumni Field To Get New Lighting

Alumni Field, home to five Belmont Abbey sports programs, will be enhanced with a premier lighting system this summer, Vice-President and Director of Athletics Stephen Miss announced.

“The fruit of the vision, hard work, and generosity of tremendous donors and contributors, this $400,000 facility enhancement will benefit significantly the students who compete under the lights, the spectators who observe them doing so, and the entire Abbey community for years to come,” Miss said. “We are quite pleased to partner, once again, with Musco Lighting, the premier provider in the industry. The lighting system Musco installed at Abbey Yard was a game-changer for us, and we eagerly anticipate the new LED system at Alumni Field possibly having an even greater impact.”

The project includes Musco’s Light-Structure Green ™ lighting system with Total Light Control - TLC for LED and Green Generation Lighting ® Metal Halide technology on poles located near each corner of the field. The energy-efficient system provides 50% less spill and glare light than Musco’s prior industry-leading technology.

Fall sports schedules will be announced soon, but the lights will be installed and operational for the soccer and field hockey seasons. The lacrosse teams use the facility during the spring.

What They Are Saying About Alumni Field Lights

 John Keating, Head Men’s Soccer Coach: “Over the years, our soccer alumni have always asked if we ever planned to get lights. Many of their most vivid soccer memories from their playing days at The Abbey were of night games at away venues. To be able to create a great atmosphere and great memories at home, is going to add to the rich legacy of Belmont Abbey Soccer.”

Mike Lynch, Head Women’s Soccer Coach: “Lights on Alumni Field will enhance the student-athlete experience in so many ways from less missed class time, cooler temps to compete, and more fans able to attend. We are very excited!”

Meghan Smiga, Head Field Hockey Coach: “The lights allow student-athletes to minimize missed class and lab time and provide more opportunity for family and spectators to attend games on weekends and weekdays.”

Chris Barrett, Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach: “Adding lights to Alumni Field will just add to the student-athlete experience we offer here at the Abbey. It will allow us to get in full academic days on game days during the week, while also adding some excitement to the student body by providing them with more events to attend outside on beautiful Carolina nights!”

Molly Lehman-Lewis, Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach: “We are beyond excited to have the opportunity to compete under the lights. Alumni field has so much energy and this improvement will take that up a notch.”
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Local Senior Is A Nationally Ranked Athlete

By Alan Hodge

Local athlete 85-year-old David Hostetler, Sr., has been recognized by USA Track & Field for his outstanding accomplishments in a number of Masters Event sports.

The Masters Events are for folks aged 30 to 100+ years in age. Hostetler competes against other athletes of his own age locally and in other places such as Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Yadkinville, and Durham. Sports he competes in includes a variety of track and field events.

Hostetler learned of his rankings after receiving a copy of the April/May issue of National Masters News.

“In 2019 I practiced the games daily,” Hostetler said. “I was well coached by Terry Martin.”

In the Throws Pentathlon Performance category, Hostetler was ranked first in the USA, first in North America, and seventh in the world. The category includes javelin, hammer, #12 weight, discus, and shot put throws. First place equals who obtained the highest point average of five events. The record is not for one game or month but for the entire year.

Another event category that Hostetler took part in is the Super Weight Throw. This event uses a 25-pound steel ball with a triangular handle attached.

When Hostetler’s chance to beat hos own 2019 record came, he gave it all he had.

“I used a centrifugal type throw,” Hostetler said. “My toes and knees felt like they went into the concrete throwing pad. I obtained an excellent lift with my body and my hands went high over my head. That ball went like no other I had ever thrown.”

The throw was a record setter and placed Hostetler number one in the 85-year-old bracket for the USA, North America, and the world.

Hostetler is also ranked in the 50 meter dash, long jump, and high jump categories.

No matter where he goes, Hostetler shows his Gaston County pride.

“I practice on most of the fields in Gaston County,” said Hostetler. “I wear my Gaston County, North Carolina t-shirts to all local, state, and national events. Win or lose, I love to meet athletes  and people, play games, and show the colors of my county. The coronavirus has no effect on me walking, on jogging, and staying in shape outdoors.”
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South Point Spring Sports Seniors Highlight

This is the fifth in a series of articles highlighting the South Point High spring sports seniors. This article focuses on the seniors on the varsity baseball team. Coach Jason Lineberger writes:
Jose Mota is the first player we’ve ever had to make the team for the first time as a senior.  Jose is a hard worker, an energy giver, and a great teammate.  His attitude and effort made us better.
Brian Mellette is the only three year starter we had.  Brian had a great career at South Point.  He was consistent and reliable.  He rarely missed any offseason workouts in his four years.  Brian was voted captain by his teammates.
Andrew Shell is cool under pressure.  Andrew never got rattled when things didn’t go his way.  We were counting on him to deliver a bunch of clutch hits this spring.  He has a great attitude regardless of the circumstances.
Grayson Thomas was our most experienced pitcher.  Grayson was going to be our go-to guy on the mound. He is a gritty and crafty pitcher who knows how to get people out despite not being the biggest or hardest throwing pitcher.
Andrew Warren is a great  two sport athlete.  Andrew is big, strong, and fast.  He sustained an arm injury wrestling, and didn’t get to play at all.  A healthy Andrew would have been one of our best players.  However, he came to practice and games and helped the team anyway he could.  Andrew is a high character player who was always coachable and willing to help.
As a whole these these five seniors left the program better than they found, and they will all be missed greatly.  They have shown the work ethic, perseverance, and toughness to be successful regardless of what the pandemic or any other obstacle is thrown at them.
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The South Point High School girl’s tennis and swim/dive teams designated Scholar-Athlete Teams

The South Point High School girl’s swim/dive team

The South Point High School girl’s tennis and swim/dive teams were designated a Scholar-Athlete Team by the N.C. High School Athletic Association for achieving a combined team grade point average of 3.7. In addition, the girls tennis team (below) earned runner-up honors in their sport with a cumulative GPA of 3.91, while the girls swimming and diving team cumulative GPA of 3.89 was third. Congratulations